School Delays and Closings

Delays and closings FAQ
School delays can be a little confusing and not everyone knows exactly what to do. Below are our most frequently asked questions regarding closings and delays, broken up into 4 main categories:
Possible Scenarios
Calamity Days vs Calamity Hours
Online Days and Assignments

Wondering how delay & cancellation decisions are made? Read the letter sent home to families on Oct 11th, 2019 from our Superintendent.


Q: How will I be notified of a closing or delay?
A: DACC notifies local TV/radio stations, the information is posted to the DACC web site and social media platforms, and a Honeywell Instant Alert is sent out to those who subscribe.

Q: I just received my home school's notification that they are delayed/cancelled and the message stated that DACC is also delayed/cancelled. However, I have not received any information from DACC. What should I do?
A: There is often a lot of information that needs to be shared when our home schools send out their notifications. They most likely said that transportation to DACC has been delayed or cancelled. The home schools do not speak on behalf of DACC, so only follow the instructions sent out directly from DACC.


Q: I'm a half-day junior. Do I come to my morning lab on a 1 or 2 hour delay?
A: Yes. However, if the roads in your area are too treacherous to travel, your absence will be considered excused as long as we have a note, phone call, or email from your parent.

Q: My lab is in the afternoon. Does my lab start at the regular time on a 1 or 2 hour delay?
A: Yes - plan to come to your afternoon lab at the regular time.

Q: I'm a full-day senior. On a 1 or 2-hour delay, where should I go upon arriving at school?
A: When you arrive at school, go straight to the class you are normally in at that time. For instance, if you arrive at 9am, go straight to your 9am class.

Q: My home school is on a 2-hour delay, but DACC is not. What do I do?
A: Students whose home school is delayed are not expected to be at DACC until the time of the arrival of their home school bus at DACC. In order for your absence to be excused, be sure that your parent has sent a note, sent an email, or made a phone call to the attendance office.


For many years schools were permitted five (5) calamity days with unlimited delays and dismissals.   The five (5) day rule has been changed by legislation. High schools are now required to meet a minimum of 1001 instructional hours.  This includes school closings, delays and early dismissals.  

Q: Why is my home school still counting days and not hours? 
Any district who had a collective bargaining agreement in place before July 1st, 2014 that referenced calamity days may continue with “days.”

Q: When will my home school begin following the legislated hour requirement?
A:  Each school will begin following the legislated hour requirement based on their own collective bargaining agreement. If you would like to find out when your home school will begin following the hour requirements, we recommend you contact the school.

Q: Why does DACC delay one hour instead of two?
Delays are generally implemented in order to provide enough time for the weather to improve, schools to clear parking lots and sidewalks, or safe traveling for buses on the roads.  When your high school has a 2 hour delay buses are beginning their routes between 8 and 8:30 am which is before the one hour delay start times of 8:50 at DACC.  Students whose home school is delayed are not expected to be at DACC until the time of the arrival of their home school bus at DACC.  


Q: What is the process for an Online Day? 
A: When an Online Day is called by the district, students should log into BlackBoard to access assignments. There should be at least one assignment for each class they take at DACC. Once the assignment has been accessed, there will be clear instructions about what is expected of them and how they can turn in the assignment. They have two weeks to complete all of the assignments that are posted. If any student does not complete their assigned work, the student will be counted absent.

Q: I don’t have Internet access at home. How will my student complete their online assignment?
A: DACC students will have access to the district’s Wi-Fi to complete online assignments. The Media Center is available to students during school hours. Many of your high schools will have Wi-Fi that you may connect to the Internet. Public libraries have free Wi-Fi and resources for students to complete assignments. Visit the Delaware County Library web site to see a list of their locations. Coffee shops are also an available resource to take your own laptop and utilize the free Wi-Fi.

Q: How do I contact my student’s teacher during an online day? 
Teachers will be working during an online day and will be available. As part of the preparation process for potential online days, our teachers will make sure their students know the best way to get in touch with them. If you are unsure how to contact your student’s teacher, please visit the Staff Directory on our web site.

Q: What dates will school be made up if DACC uses all of the available hours and online days? 
A: Time will be made up at the end of the school year if necessary.

Additional questions or special circumstances can be directed to PJ Taylor at 740-203-2268.