One to One Experience

DACC is excited to provide the Chromebook Integration Experience in selected Lab Programs during the 2018-2019 School Year.  Students in these lab programs will have a Chromebook included in their lab fees to use at the Career Center as well as at home.  At the completion of the program it is theirs to keep.  The Chromebook will an 11” Lenovo (or similar model depending on availability).  Cost will not exceed $185.00. 

A letter emailed home to families can be accessed here.

The advantages of this program are many:

  • All students will be on the same platform so that they can access their documents anyplace there is an Internet connection
  • Students will be assigned logins on the domain.
  • Convenient file sharing with teachers and classmates
  • Currently Google Apps for Education (GAFE) has over 52% of the education market and that is growing daily. Most of our students have used Chromebooks at their home schools before coming to DACC, so they are already familiar with the technology.
  • Due to the phenomenal growth of GAFE, new apps and solutions are constantly being released.
  • Google is gaining a footprint in the business world, so students will be prepared for the future.
  • When students graduate or leave DACC, the device is theirs to take with them.

Programs participating in the One to One Experience include:

  • Auto Collision Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • BioScience
  • Culinary Arts
  • Construction Technology
  • Dental Assisting
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Law Enforcement
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Welding & Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Zoo School 

One to One Integration Experience FAQ

What if the family has financial difficulties and the fee might be a burden?
If the student qualifies for a Free Lunch under State guidelines they would qualify for the same fee waivers to cover the Chromebook fee. This waiver covers all fees with the exception of CTSO dues. If the student qualifies for Reduced Lunch under State guidelines they could apply to the Student Assistance Program for help with their fees.

What if the student already owns a laptop or Chromebook that they want to use daily at DACC?
As long as they bring it in and it is approved by the DACC technology staff and they are willing to bring it daily, they may use it instead of buying a Chromebook. The lab teacher would notify administration and the fee would be removed.  (Similar to the procedure we use if the student already has safety glasses). They would sign in to their Google account while at DACC.

What if the student has purchased or been issued a Chromebook at their homeschool and attends DACC half day?
As long as they are permitted by the home school to use the Chromebook at DACC and are willing to bring it daily, they may use it instead of buying a Chromebook at DACC. The lab teacher would notify administration and the fee would be removed. They would sign in to their Google account while at DACC. 

What about keeping my DACC Chromebook charged?
Fully charged Chromebooks run for about 8 hours. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge a Chromebook, much less time to top-off a charge. Each Chromebook will come with its own charging cord. The best scenario will be for the student to take it home daily and charge it at night. If they chose to leave the Chromebook at school they will fit in the student lockers. They can then charge it at any electrical outlet.

What type of warranty is included?
The Chromebooks come with a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Normally if there is a manufacturer defect with a Chromebook it will show up within the first year. Accidental damage (screen breakage, etc.) is not covered. We have investigated the cost of accidental damage insurance and it is cost prohibitive based on the low initial cost of these Chromebooks. The DACC Tech Staff will facilitate repairs covered under manufacturer warranty. Repairs that are not covered under warranty or take place after the warranty has expired must first be deprovisioned by the DACC Tech Staff before it can be serviced by a repair vendor. If your Chromebook is being repaired a loaner device may be available for the duration of the repair.

What happens when the student graduates?
DACC will remove the Management Controls from the Chromebook and the student takes it with them. Devices must go through a deprovisioning process before the student graduates or leaves the school before graduating. These devices can also be used as the student begins their college career or on the jobsite.