It's important to know what your letter grade means, where you stand academically, and when grading periods will end. Use this page as your reference for accessing PowerSchool and tracking your grades.

You can view your child’s grades at any time by visiting PowerSchool and following the login instructions on this page under the “downloads” section. If you need the access information to create an account, please reach out to Kelly Wolfe, DACC Guidance Administrative Assistant, at or 740.203.2214.

Teachers normally update grades on a weekly basis. Grade cards are now electronic and are available through PowerSchool online. Please follow the instructions on this page under the “downloads” sections as well. 

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It’s important to know what your letter grade means and where you stand academically. The Delaware Area Career Center follows the below grading scale.

DACC Grading Scale

98-100                           A+                           4.000
93-97                             A                             4.000
90-92                             A-                            3.670
87-89                             B+                           3.330
83-86                             B                              3.000
80-82                             B-                            2.670
77-79                             C+                           2.330
73-76                             C                             2.000
70-72                             C-                            1.670
67-69                             D+                           1.330
63-66                             D                             1.000
60-62                             D-                            0.670
59-below                        F                              0.000