Hybrid Program

DACC employs a virtual learning environment for the junior and senior students called the Hybrid Program. This program is currently in progression in select classes at DACC.

Students begin the school year attending classes daily. Students who receive a C or better and have all assignments submitted in all of their classes at the first interim, have no unexcused absences and no disciplinary issues will begin the Hybrid Program.  Students who qualify for the Hybrid option can complete their Friday academic assignments from home.  Students have until the following Monday morning to complete their Hybrid assignments.  Students will receive a certificate one to two days prior acknowledging they were awarded Hybrid Friday that week.

Students who have not met the requirements will come to school on Friday to have more individualized classes to help master the content.  All students are welcome to attend all day on Friday to complete their assignments, get extra help, work on Senior Projects, or get permission to work in their labs.  The Hybrid Program provides the opportunity for students to participate in community service, internship programs and job shadowing as well as gain knowledge for their post secondary options and build their resume and portfolio.

Benefits for Students Who Qualify for Hybrid Fridays:

  • Students are better prepared for a college environment where many classes are taught and assignments take place online.
  • Students are better prepared for a working environment where a great deal of communication takes place and many relationships are formed in an online platform.
  • Students gain time management skills when organizing their weekend to complete the online assignments and other personal activities.

Benefits for Students Who Do Not Qualify for Hybrid Fridays:

  • Students will receive more one-on-one time with their instructors when they attend their academics classes on Fridays due to the smaller class size.
  • Students have extra time to work on projects and content in areas which prove to be challenging for the students.