Sophomore Visit Day

November 25, 2019
DACC Campus | All Day

Today, we welcome students from Olentangy Berlin, Olentangy Liberty, and Delaware Hayes!


This is your chance to tour DACC’s programs during a half-day visit. Fill out the online application to add a DACC program to next year’s schedule. This application will open after the tour.

  • Stand out from the crowd on college applications and with hiring employers.
  • Get out from behind your desk and have fun doing what you love.
  • Participate in unique experiences not offered at traditional high schools.

You will need a permission form signed by your parents to attend this field trip. Access the forms specific to your school here. Questions? Contact Mrs. McComas at or 740-201-3216.

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Each year the Delaware Area Career Center has the exciting opportunity to host visits from area 10th grade students. This year, visits are scheduled for:
  • Friday, November 22nd
  • Monday, November 25th
  • Tuesday, November 26th
All staff will be involved in the organizing, presenting, and making of engaging learning experiences for the visiting students. Your child will be doing one of three activities on these days:
  • Attend school as a helper (only if asked by their instructor)
  • Job shadow a professional in their chosen field of study
  • Complete an alternative learning assignment
The following programs will be the exception and will run business as usual for the three days, unless otherwise noted: Food Service, Project SEARCH, Hospitality, Engineering 10. 
Home-school transportation will continue to run morning, midday and afternoon on these three days.
CBI 9 and 10 Programs Only
  • Business as usual on Friday, November 22nd for both programs.
  • For Monday, November 25th, both programs will participate in the Sophomore Visit Day Experience at DACC during their scheduled lab time. Full-day students will participate all day.
  • For Tuesday, November 26th, CBI 9 will participate in the Sophomore Visit Day Experience at DACC during lab time. All CBI 10 students will not physically attend DACC and will be given alternative learning assignments.
If your child has been asked to be a helper, he or she should be bringing home a permission form for you to sign and return to DACC. Please note that helpers are expected to be in our buildings for the entirety of the normal school day. Bus transportation will run as normal on these three school days. Helpers are exempt from their career technical program alternative assignments and job shadowing. However, if they attend DACC full day, they will still be required to complete academic assignments. Academic instructors will be offering study sessions in the morning and afternoon on these days for student helpers.
Anyone participating in a job shadowing experience should fill out the Job Shadowing Experience Form and return to DACC no later than Monday, December 2nd. Lab instructors will be assisting students with job shadowing placements. Students can complete a full day job shadowing experience of six or more hours. This will count as two days of attendance in the lab program as your child is in lab three hours a day. If your child only attends half-day, the job shadowing experience can only be during the duration of the lab, unless you are granted permission from your home school to attend the job shadowing experience all day.


Similarly, alternative assignments are due to your child's instructor no later than December 2, 2019.
Failure to return the required assignments or proof of job shadowing would mean that the day(s) of school missed will be counted as an unexcused absence(s).
We are proud of our programs and believe that we offer unique and valuable educational options for area students. We appreciate your support of this important endeavor. Please contact us with questions you may have at 740-548-0708.