Updated 5/20/2020

The end of any school year can be full of additional details and extra tasks to juggle. This year, there are more questions than ever. We are working to provide answers as quickly as we can. Please reference this page frequently as information changes.

May 18th, 7:00pm
Join us for the premiere of the virtual Senior Ceremony on the DACC YouTube page.

May 21st, 4:00 - 6:00pm
Seniors are invited to drive through the school parking lot to pick up personal items and Completion Certificates and return any school items. We ask that you do not get out of your car at this time for the safety of yourselves and others.

May 20th and 21st
Sophomores and juniors are invited to stop by the school to pick up personal items and return any school items. Exact times have not been determined.



Q: What is the last day of school?
A: Seniors: May 18th
Underclassmen: May 21st

Q: How will 4th quarter be graded?
A: As we round out the school year, we are putting the following 4th quarter grading plan in place for our students at DACC. We feel this plan is fair for students and provides for options and choice in the end.

  • The 2nd semester grade will be based on the 3rd quarter grade (weighted 50%) and the 4th quarter grade (weighted 50%) only.
  • There will be no final exams
  • For the 4th quarter, students will earn a "P" or an "I".  To earn a "P", they must reach a 60%.  A student's GPA will not be impacted by a "P".  A student may also choose to receive a letter grade if he or she would prefer.  The choice to receive a letter grade must be made known to teachers and counselors by May 15th.
  • If a student is not passing, they will receive an “I” for the 4th quarter. At that time, a Completion Plan will be written in conjunction with the teacher, parents, and counselor. The student will have until the end of the 1st quarter of school year 2020-2021 to finish the Completion Plan. If the Completion Plan is not met satisfactorily, the student will earn a “U.”
  • Juniors or CBI students who are not returning for the 2020-2021 school year will not be eligible for a Completion Plan.
  • Any non-senior students who do not earn a passing grade for 2nd semester (whether now or at the end of the 1st quarter next year) will repeat this semester through APEX starting in the fall or 3rd quarter.

Q: How do I get back into school to collect items I left there?
A: Lab instructors will be collecting and tagging personal items for students to pick up. Seniors are invited to come on May 21st from 4-6pm. Sophomores and juniors will be able to pick up their items:

  • Wednesday, May 20th: 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Thursday, May 21st: 9:00am - 12:00pm
  • Friday, May 22nd: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Q: If I’m a sophomore or junior and plan to return to DACC next year, do I need to re-apply?
A: No - as a current DACC student, we assume that you will be returning next year to continue your program and we look forward to seeing you.

Q: What is the Senior Completion Ceremony VS Graduation?
A: Each year, in addition to the students’ home district graduation, DACC honors our seniors with a formal ceremony where their name is announced, they walk across the stage and receive their program certificate from their lab instructor.  The students wear their gown from their home district, and if they don’t have a gown, DACC will loan a gown to any student who needs one.  The sea of color from the robes provides a wonderful visual of the many districts we serve.

Q: When will the Senior Completion Ceremony be held?
A: DACC leadership has determined that the best course of action is to hold a virtual ceremony. While this is not ideal for anyone involved, we hope the video and personal messages from our staff will be a keepsake that students will be able to hold onto forever. See Principal Gaskill's video announcement about the virtual ceremony here. The virtual cremony will premiere on the district's YouTube page on May 18th at 7:00pm.

Q: How do I get my certificate of completion?
A: A printed certificate of completion is normally given to our students from their lab instructor as they walk across the stage at the Senior Completion Ceremony. Please note that the Certificate of Completion is not a diploma. Each of our students will still receive a high school diploma from their home district, even if they attend DACC for the full day. Certificates will be provided to students on May 21st from 4:00 - 6:00pm.

Q: What if I didn’t order a cap and gown? How do I get them?
A: Our DACC students wear their gown from their home district, and if they don’t have a gown, DACC will loan a gown to any student who needs one. The sea of color from the robes provides a wonderful visual of the many districts we serve. Caps are not worn at the DACC Senior Completion Ceremony.

Q: How do I get my transcript?
A: Courses taken at DACC show up on your home school transcript, which you can obtain from your home district.

Q: How do I get my Career Portfolio?
A: Each DACC student has a Career Portfolio that they have been working on and adding to throughout the year. This portfolio can be used during employment or college interviews and is a valuable tool for our students. Career Portfolios can be accessed using the student’s MyDACC account. However, this account will expire over the summer.

We encourage all of our students to create their own gmail account that they can use for professional purposes and follow these instructions to transfer ownership of their Career Portfolio files to their personal account. The Career Portfolios remain available to our students indefinitely as long as they have transferred ownership of their portfolio to a personal, non-DACC account.

If a student forgets their password or has trouble logging in to their MyDACC account, they can send an email to HelpDesk@DelawareAreaCC.org with their questions.