Alumni Highlights

Every student who walks through our doors has their own unique story. Our students work hard to meet their goals and we couldn't be more proud of them.

Ashley Stilson
Columbus Zoo & Aquarium School

Ashley graduated from St. John’s University, majoring in Environmental Studies and is currently an intern at the National Development Council. She is headed to Pace Law School in New York, a school ranked 3rd in the country for their Environmental Law Program.



Nick Shaeffer
Fire Service Training

Nick saved upwards of $4,000 and started his career 3-4 years ahead of his peers by taking the Fire Service class at DACC. 
He is currently a Firefighter Paramedic for Worthington. He continues to support the DACC Fire Service Training program by returning to train our students.


Matthew Brainard

Matthew Studied Telecommunication Systems at Ohio University. He is currently a Systems Engineer at Cisco, helping his customers improve their businesses through the use of Cisco Technology.



Mary Katherine Clegg

Mary Katherine graduated from DACC with the same license to practice Cosmetology that others spend $10 - 20 thousand dollars to get. She launched right into her career and couldn’t be happier. She is currently a Cosmetologist at Classique Innovations.



Justin Viers
Power Sports & Diesel Technology

Justin is currently attending Columbus State Community College. After fulfilling his basic academic requirements, 
Justin plans to transfer to OSU to major in Agricultural Engineering. 



Annie Lam
Dental Assisting

Annie is currently attending Columbus State Community College, working towards an Associates Degree of Science. She is also working as a Dental Assistant to help pay for college. Her future plans include obtaining her Dentist and then Orthodontics licenses. 


Jordan Shaver

The personal attention Jordan received at DACC and the opportunities he was given, ramped up his motivation to do well in school. By graduation, he was competing in speech contests and gave the senior speech at the DACC Completion Ceremony. Today, he is a Network Specialist for the Olentangy School District.
Hannah Clegg
Digital Design
Hannah just graduated from the School of Advertising Art where she served as a student ambassador. Because of the work she did at DACC, she earned more than half of her tuition through scholarships. She is currently an intern at Resource Ammirati, a marketing agency recognized nationwide. Hannah returns to the DACC program to coach other up and coming graphic designers.


Nea Kannaly
Dental Assisting
Nea participated in an internship with Riverview Dental during her senior year at DACC. Upon graduation, she was immediately hired full-time. Nea launched her career at 18 and will have plenty of time to increase her earning potential while doing what she loves.