DACC Student, Eric Ferko, Receives Award for a Brave Act

March 30, 2010

Eric Ferko was awarded for his brave actions by Todd Hanks, Delaware County Commissioner, on behalf of the Delaware County Board of Commissioners.

On January 9th, Eric’s step-father, Mr. Middleton, was walking his dog when the dog ran off toward a frozen pond. The frigid temperatures of January weren’t enough to completely freeze the pond and the dog fell through the ice. Mr. Middleton crawled out onto the ice to rescue his dog and in managing to get the dog out onto the ice, fell into the water himself. Held down by his clothes, Mr. Middleton was unable to pull himself out of the freezing water. Eric witnessed the event and thought to throw Mr. Middleton the end of the dog leash and pull his step-father to safety.

For his quick thinking and selfless act, Todd Hanks, came to the Delaware Area Career Center on March 31st to thank Eric and award him with a certificate in front of friends, family and classmates.

Eric is a student in Ed Scholl's Automotive Essentials class and Jim Beck's Career Graphics class.


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