Congratulations to the 2011 DACC Prom Court!

April 19, 2011

On April 16th, DACC held the annual prom to help students celebrate a great year. Every year, a prom court is nominated and made up of a King, Queen, Prince, & Princess from each campus. Congratulations to our prom court of 2011!

Prom King North – Spencer Wilson (CA2)
Prom Queen North – Stormy Berry (COS2)

Prom King South – Simon Plazzoles-Hayes (ITA2)
Prom Queen South – Hope Davenport (HT2)

Prince North – Chaz Munday (WSM1)
Princess North – Ashley Lowe (COS1)

Prince South – Zach Jenne (Zoo1)
Princess South – Alexa Gough (Zoo1)

Below are photos of our prom court, but photos of all prom attendees can be found on the DACC Flickr page.


North and South Prom Kings and Queens







South Prom King & Queen - Simon Plazzoles-Hayes & Hope Davenport








North Prom King & Queen - Spencer Wilson & Stormy Berry