Architecture students utilize new technology & old materials

March 17, 2010

Architecture and Engineering Technologies students embarked on a recycling project that found them utilizing new technology and old materials.

After individually designing household items from recycled material, they were paired up to share ideas online and collaborate with their partners to merge their designs into one. Their next step was to actually build the items into functioning pieces of furniture – or, according to one student – functioning pieces of artwork.


Architecture Recycle Project
The Environmental Technologies class judged their efforts and the winner was Kevin and Ben’s Hunter's Chair, made out of tires and aluminum.

Architecture Recycle Project
Courtney and Lamar made a footstool with storage underneath out of cardboard drawing tubes, a carpet square, glue, and foam board.

Architecture Recycle Project
Randi and Corey made a functioning lamp out of used note cards, tubing and CDs.


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