DACC Staff Spotlight - Trista Crist, Food Service Educational Aide

February 20, 2021

DACC Staff Spotlight: Trista Crist, Food Service Educational Aide

Trista Crist is in her first year at DACC. She was a long-term substitute in the Food Service program last year. Before DACC, she worked as an aide and was a substitute at Buckeye Valley Middle and High Schools.

Trista enjoys seeing her students grow. “It’s great to work with a student and watch them master a new skill on the job site, such as being independent while working in the dishwashing room. I love watching the students build confidence as they build those skills.”

Trista and her husband, Chip, have been married for 6 years. She has a 13-year-old son named Jarryn, also known as “Bear.” She has 2 brothers and a sister. Her younger brother is an “Irish twin” – he and Trista are only 368 days apart in age. Her family has 2 momma cats and a total of 6 kittens. Luna had a litter of 1 right before Halloween and Sassy had a litter of 5 on Christmas Eve.

When not at school, Trista loves to sit in the sun and read. She also enjoys listening to 60s and 70s rock with her son.

Favorite quote: “Shoot for the stars, But if you happen to miss, Aim for the moon instead.” - Neil Armstrong

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Special note – this photo was taken in 2019 when social distancing and masks were not required.