DACC Staff Spotlight - Nicole Adkins, Food Service Instructor

February 20, 2021
DACC Staff Spotlight: Nicole Adkins, Food Service Instructor
Nicole Adkins is in her 18th year at DACC. She worked as a chef before becoming an instructor. One of her favorite culinary jobs was preparing food for the VIP sections during Columbus Crew home games.
“For me, the best part about teaching is knowing you've made a difference, helping a student no one thought could make it and seeing the pride on their face when they know they're doing a great job.”
Nikki has 3 boys, ages 19, 24 and 28. The oldest is a former student she adopted. They have 2 dogs, Nala and Soul, and 2 kittens, Pig and Cleo.
When not teaching, Nikki’s favorite past time is traveling, most recently in her travel trailer. She also loves reading and spending time with her husband.
Nikki graduated from the DACC Culinary Arts lab in 1995. “Most people don't get to do the first job they dreamed about as a child. I told my mom at age 5, I wanted to be a chef. I never imagined that would turn into teaching. I volunteered at DACC as part of a culinary class I was taking and never looked back. I fell in love with the students and continue to love working with them.”
Favorite quote: "What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" - Erin Hanson
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Special note – this photo was taken in 2019 when social distancing and masks were not required.