DACC Staff Spotlight: Grace Hammond, Media Center Specialist

April 6, 2021
DACC Staff Spotlight: Grace Hammond, Media Center Specialist
Grace Hammond is in her 4th year at DACC. She has been a school library media specialist for 13 years. At her last job, she was a multi-school librarian who traveled from school to school in Wyoming while living in a yurt. While she’s worked in libraries most of her life, Grace is a lifelong learner who is always learning something new and has worked or interned in a lot of different industries across the world, from journalism to music to archives and more.
Grace’s favorite times in the Media Center are when students leave feeling empowered, confident, and ready to tackle their goals. “I want them to understand what a modern Media Center can provide – we are much more than books. I’ve been really proud of the work students recently completed on our online class, the Work Smarter Boot Camp, which focused on personal effectiveness and organization as a way to manage stress and meet goals. I love seeing students use our ‘Brain Break Baskets,’ which are kits tied to STEM or social-emotional needs.”
When she’s not teaching, Grace is with her awesome family or learning and taking classes in things she is interested in. For her, “If you’re learning, you’re living. Learning can be so joyful.”
Favorite quote: "Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities." - R. David Lankes