Firefighter (Volunteer) - 40 hours

The Volunteer Firefighter course is a 40 hour introductory, awareness-level course designed to introduce the student to the basic elements of fireground safety and support operations and to provide them with the knowledge, skills and abilities to assist in firefighting support operations with their fire departments.  As an awareness-level course, the Ohio Volunteer Firefighter course is intended to be a foundation upon which firefighters can begin to build their training portfolio.

Upon completion of this course, individuals will be required to pass an online test for the State of Ohio, Department of Public Safety in order to receive their certification.  The test is proctored and administered at our facility.   Individuals must be in good physical condition and be 18 years of age.  If you have any questions, please contact our Fire Coordinator, Tim Stainer at

Course Cost:

Tuition does not include fire gear, breathing apparatus and/or workbook.  Students are welcome to use their own fire gear and SCBA.

Please check back for newly scheduled classes.