The Delaware Area Career Center Board of Education believes that attendance in school is absolutely essential to the successful completion of the curriculum. Students are to be in school each day school is in session. Parents and students are encouraged to schedule appointments after the school day. Students who attend Delaware Area Career Center must adhere to the Delaware Area Career Center school calendar.

The Delaware Area Career Center uses period attendance reporting so absences and tardies will count for each class period missed. These events are recorded and updated in PowerSchool, the on-line source available to students and their parents for monitoring student progress. Lab classes are normally comprised of multiple periods, while academic classes are usually comprised of single periods.

Parents of students who are going to be absent are to call the Attendance Office the morning of the absence. Parents are asked to call the school before 9:00 a.m. A written excuse from parents is required upon the student’s return to school. For students attending North Campus, please call (740) 203-2268. South Campus students will need to call (740) 201-3211.

The compulsory attendance laws established by the state of Ohio will be enforced. Senate Bill 181 requires schools to file truancy charges when students under the age of eighteen accumulate five (5) consecutive unexcused absences, seven (7) unexcused absences in one month, or twelve (12) unexcused absences in a school year. Two half-day absences will be combined to equal a full-day absence when filing a truancy charge.

Any type of appointment is discouraged during school hours. All appointments should be scheduled for a time that will not conflict with school hours. However, if it is necessary for a student to be excused during the school day, a note must be brought from home and turned in to the Attendance Office before 8:00 a.m. on the day of the appointment. The note should contain the student's name, the time to be excused, and the reason for the appointment. An early dismissal will be counted as an absence if the departure time is greater than 30 minutes prior to the official end of the school day. Repeated early release will require a contact between the school, parent, and student to consider barriers to full day attendance. If at all possible students are to return to school after appointments and must provide verification.
Prior to departure from school for any reason, the student will need to report to the attendance office and sign out.

The maximum number of days of excused or unexcused absences for eighteen-year-old students or students who will be eighteen years of age during the school year is thirteen (13) absences. If excessive absences occur, it may be necessary for an intervention plan.

If for any reason school is closed for the day, the Superintendent of the Delaware Area Career Center will notify local TV/radio stations. You may also check the website: The Delaware Area Career Center uses the Instant Alert System to notify parents of school closings and delays, as well as emergency and other important notifications. To ensure parent notification, use the Honeywell Instant Alert instructions found in your student’s orientation packet to login, set-up, review, and/or update your parent contact information. This can be done at any time to make your information current.

Parents are required to document student absences with a parent note. After 13 absences with a parent note, official documentation will be required for student absences to be excused. The following are examples of absences which may be excused with a parent note:

  1. Personal illness
  2. Pre-arranged college visit (Documentation from the college must be provided)
  3. Vacation requires a pre-arranged absence form
  4. Observance of religious holidays

Listed below are the school-related activities for which the student may not be counted absent with official documentation.

  1. Compulsory State Testing at home school
  2. Sports, music, drama, and other approved home school activities
  3. Field trips
  4. College visits pre-arranged
  5. Suspension Alternative Program (SAP): Disciplinary program is operated and supervised by the Delaware County Juvenile Court staff
  6. In-school Alternative Program (ISAP): discipline assigned by administrator
  7. Other absences as determined by the administration

Listed below are excused absences, if official documentation is necessary. These official absences will not be included in the 13 parent notes and/or un-excused absences permitted in our attendance policy.

  1. Medical, dental or legal appointments
  2. Quarantine of the home
  3. Death of a relative
  4. Needed at home due to absence of parents or guardians
  5. Observance of religious holidays
  6. Emergency or circumstances which constitute a good and sufficient reason for missing school

The goal of the Delaware Area Career Center is to prepare students for the world of work. It is our belief that being on time to school helps develop good habits that will transfer to the work setting.
Students will be marked late-to-school if they report to class within the first 30 minutes of the scheduled class time. Delays and transportation issues from home school will be considered excused due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Discipline for lates to school will be assigned for the semester as follows:
5 Lates to School: 1 Saturday School and loss of parking privileges for 1 week.
9 Lates to School: 2 Saturday Schools and loss of parking privileges for 2 weeks.
12 Lates to School: 2 days of Suspension Alternative Program (SAP) and loss of parking privileges for the semester.

Late to school totals for discipline purposes will reset to zero at the beginning of each semester.

All work missed is to be made up by the student, regardless of the reason for the absence. Students are required to make up hours and/or program competencies for labs by the end of each quarter. Students are responsible for working with their instructors to determine what assignments are to be completed and the date the work must be turned in to the instructor. As a general rule, students will be given one day per day of excused absence to complete all work missed. For unexcused absences the student will be expected to make-up missed work so as not to miss concepts, but credit will not be given.

Pre-Arranged Absence Forms are to be picked up and approved by an Administrator prior to being presented to individual instructors.

  1. Pre-arranged absences require at least a 3-day notice prior to the absence. Listed below are absences that require a Pre-Arranged Absence Form:
  2. College visits: students are permitted two pre-arranged college visits per year (junior and senior years). Documentation from the college must be provided upon return in order for the student to be marked not absent.
  3. Program recruitment.
  4. Family vacations.
  5. Home school transportation problems. A student who is absent due to home school transportation problems will only be excused if it is verified with the parent.
  6. Job shadowing, lab-related training and lab-related job interviews.
  7. Planned leave of absence due to medical reasons.

A student should report to the Attendance Office with a written excuse to obtain an admission slip upon return from absence. The excuse must include the date(s) of absence, the reason for absence(s) and the appropriate signature. The Delaware Area
Career Center reserves the right to validate documentation of absences. Students will be responsible for presenting the admission slip to their teachers throughout the day. Admission slips are to be acquired by the student prior to the start of the school day. Failure to get an admission slip may result in disciplinary action.


  1. Truancy
  2. Absences with no documentation
  3. Other absences as determined by the administration

Parents will be notified and intervention plans may be necessary in the event excessive absences occur.