Congratulations Class of 2017!

May 24, 2017

Congratulations to our Class of 2017! You have all worked so hard to get to this point and we are very proud of each and every one of you. 

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2017 DACC Completers

Presented by Roxanne Ames
Arianne Lynea Barr  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Emilee Suzanne Bright  |  Westerville North HS
Marisa Kylie Carmona  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Maklin Cyrus Checkler   |  Thomas Worthington HS
Allison Dennison  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Atlantis Mariah Hunter  |  Olentangy HS
Allison Christine Jarvie  |  Big Walnut HS
Olivia Ann Kurtz  |  Big Walnut HS
Kendra Nichole Richards  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Pauline J. Robson  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Carly Jo Sendelbach  |  Westerville Central HS
Isabelle Lynn Slater  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Rose Thach  |  Westerville South HS

Culinary Arts
Presented by Patricia Bace
Annamarie Brady  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Alston Carrico |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Kristen Anne Dunham  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Jacob Glaze  |  Westerville South HS
Emily Hope Hoffmann  |  Big Walnut HS
Allison Virginia Hopson  |  Westerville North HS
Ruth Moriah Jones  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Lane Garrett Price  |  Delaware Hayes HS
London Nicole Sharpe  |  Westerville Central HS

Health Technology
Presented by Kimberly Castrodale
Keelie Allmo  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Paige Nicole Babin  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Ricki Alexandra Babin  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Carey Ann Beddoes  |  Westerville South HS
Abbalena Montana Catalan  |  Westerville South HS
Lillian R. Clark  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Olivia Ann House  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Elissa Louise Huffman  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Taylor Jenkins  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Victoria Maryn Jenkins  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Brandon Lane  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Melissa Magana  |  Westerville South HS
Emma Riley Mollenkopf  |  Westerville North HS
Shelby Renee Smith  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Madison N. Thibaut  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Kaysee Truman  |  Westerville South HS
Morgan G. Walkup  |  Olentangy HS
Jessica Weber  |  Home Schooling
Kassandra Michelle Wipert  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Presented by Hope Cowoski
Devin Xavier Hines  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Angelica A. Mengesha  |  Westerville Central HS
Kelsey Lauren Rine  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Quentin Taylor Wymer  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Columbus Zoo & Aquarium School    
Presented by Emily Cunningham
Maria Balcer  |  Hilliard Davidson HS
Sydney Lauren Balcerzak  |  Dublin Coffman HS
Camryn Carol Burcham  |  Upper Arlington HS
Alexis Marguerite Cartwright  |  Hilliard Davidson HS
Hana Jean Dodaro  |  Central Crossing HS
Alaina Margaret Durant  |  Delaware Christian
Tenleigh Annese Ellis  |  Dublin Jerome HS
Caitlyn Renee Gunther  |  New Albany HS
Erin Elizabeth Heckman  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Maria Ann Jackson  |  Hilliard Davidson HS
Ethan Scott Jones  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Ally Katarina Joy  |  Hilliard Davidson HS
James Krochmal  |  Hilliard Bradley HS
Olivia Lacy  |  Dublin Jerome HS
Hannah Mary LeWinter  |  Westerville South HS
Alicia McCormack  |  Dublin HS
Annika Miller  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Haley Miller  |  Hilliard Davidson HS
Tanvi Naik  |  Dublin Jerome HS
Ashlan Nicole Riley  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Makayla Alexandra Schaefer  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Nathan Zimovan  |  Dublin Jerome HS
Welding & Sheet Metal Fabrication
Presented by Brad DeMent
Ross William Asbury  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Eric Brooks  |  ECOT
Ethan Richard Brown  |  Westerville North HS
Micah Winans Davenport  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Colten Joseph Didion  |  Westerville North HS
Harrison Connor George  |  Big Walnut HS
Jonathon Robert Hutson  |  Westerville North HS
Bryce Ryan Johanson  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Michael Lane  |  Olentangy HS
Andrew David Lipps  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Owen Francis Murdock  |  Westerville Central HS
Caleb James Odell  |  Big Walnut HS
Andrew Charles Penton  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Mason Kye Plaxico  |  Home Schooling
Devon Quickel  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Gary Roger Reeves Jr.  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Austin Allen Daniel Smith  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Anthony M. Street  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Pharmacy Technician
Presented by Lindsay DeMent
Phillip Tracy Allison  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Kortney Ann Ames  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Hannah Elizabeth Conkey  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Kimberly Jasmine Diaz  |  Westerville South HS
Samantha B. Holobaugh  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Ashley Elizabeth Kemp  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Kaitlyn Paige Lett  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Christian Renee Shaw  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Brandi Lynn Sherry  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Emma Justine Smith  |  Big Walnut HS
Veronicka Saige Smith   |  Buckeye Valley HS
Jalen Edward Turner  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Blake Arnold Williams  |  Genoa Christian School
Automotive Collision Technology
Presented by David Finnegan
Grace Samantha Baker  |  Westerville South HS
Fredua Boateng  |  Westerville South HS
Stephen Nathaniel Cardwell  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Caleb Thomas James Fosbrook  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Noah Issac Gibson  |  OSD
Kyi B. McGinnis  |  Westerville South HS
Luis Angel Monge  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Ashley Stephens  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Early Childhood Education
Presented by Carol Fuller
Jessica Rae Beckwith  |  Olentangy HS
Madison MaKenna Bogdan  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Heaven Julia Ashley Bruce  |  Olentangy HS
Briseyda Felix Illescas  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Alisa Fisher  |  Big Walnut HS
Cylence Aidreanna Hicks  |  Cardington-Lincoln Local
Isabella Grace Honabarger  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Serenity Rose Kemp  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Nicholas Riley Kidwell  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Ana Marie Lopez  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Payton Nicole Meador  |  Westerville Central HS
Zahra A. Nur  |  Westerville South HS
Jazzi Simpson  |  OSD
Courtney Paige Webb  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Digital Design
Presented by Josh Gallagan
Gaige Broughton  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Matthew Benjamin Burns  |  ECOT
Jeffrey William Butcher  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Andrew Christian Chope  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Markus A. Davis  |  Big Walnut HS
Malik Jaymie Alec DeVese  |  Westerville South HS
Lindsey Eby  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
German Garcia  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Keiona McKenzie Houser  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Ryan Austin Jack  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Christopher D. Kendricks  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Tatyana J. Kotting  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Edward Patrick Lebbie, Jr.  |  Westerville South HS
Charles Edwin Lewis  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Ashleigh June Markwell  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Nathaniel Ripken Martin  |  Olentangy HS
Jacob Marzluf  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Connor Gallaher McGovern  |  Olentangy Orange HS
James Christophe Milnor  |  Westerville South HS
Thomas Eric Alexander Palof  |  Big Walnut HS
Trinity Renae Piatt  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Tyler M Pitzer  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Corey Taylor Richards  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Logan Wolf Riddle  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Nicholas Andrew Sedlar  |  Big Walnut HS
Derrick Jermaine Suggs Jr.  |  Westerville Central HS
Marissa R. Valentine  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Garrett Varanelli  |  Olentangy HS
Wildlife & Resource Management
Presented by Paul Grimes
Aubrey Leigh Bartman  |  Big Walnut HS
Savannah Len Frazier  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Margaretta Grace Gentry  |  Olentangy HS
Alexandria Marie Koziatek  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Daniel E. Layman  |  Buckeye Valley HS
James Martin Ray  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Brooke Renea Rutledge  | Delaware Hayes HS
Zygfrid Elliot Malchaus Stafa  |  Marburn Academy
Heidi Emma Van Buren  |  GOAL Digital
Samantha Lynn Zwiesler  |  Westerville Central HS
Landscape & Turfgrass Management
Presented by Gary Kessler
Chelsie Rene' Collins  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Jason Tyler Floyd  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Tyler Pennington  |  Big Walnut HS
Kaleb P. Snyder  |  Westerville South HS
Matthew Wingert  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Equine Science
Presented by Jennifer Kessler
Stephanie L. Bailey  |  Big Walnut HS
Mikayla Brown  |  Westerville Central HS
Kayla Marie Crawford  |  Westerville North HS
Cimmaron Tambla Deoring  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Nicholas Joel Igel  |  Olentangy HS
Alyssa Marie Steckel  |  Cardington-Lincoln Local
Montana Marie Thacker  |  Northridge HS
Zariyah Vaile-James  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Presented by Gina Lantz
Cody Giles  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Quintin Vaughn Hostetter  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Makayla Lee  |  Westerville Central HS
Rachel MaryGrace Wyatt  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Fire Service Training
Presented by Jay Louks
Aaron Michael Ash  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Daniel Francis Bellanca  |  Westerville Central HS
Natalie Brooke Charles  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Alex Evans  |  Westerville North HS
Nicholas Scott Fire  |  Olentangy HS
Joshua Foster  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Parker Bryce Hicks  |  Westerville North HS
Kasper Rohrbaugh  |  Westerville North HS
Anastasia Grace Toth  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Erik Christopher Wampler  |  Big Walnut HS
Jacob Gene Wilcox  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Izaiah M Willis  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Power Sports & Diesel Technology
Presented by Jeff Lucas
Thomas John Bailey Jr.  |  Big Walnut HS
Corben Christopher Barbour  |  Olentangy HS
Kyle A. Barger  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Morgan Michell Bocook  |  GOAL Digital
Gage W. Burton  |  GOAL Digital
Johnathon Caleb Glass  |  Olentangy HS
Garrett Benjamin Gollihugh  |  Big Walnut HS
Cody Hale  |  Big Walnut HS
Ethan David Hoover  |  GOAL Digital
Nicholas Gabriel Hurt  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Austin Lee Kocher  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Brock McDaniel  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Taylor Michael Munday  |  Olentangy HS
Mitchell Presley  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Da'Kota Lee Punches  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Nickolas Andrew Shultz  |  Big Walnut HS
Kayla Anne Smock  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Luke Allen Starkey  |  Big Walnut HS
Carson Lee Tedder  |  Westerville South HS
Kalven Bryce Thomas  |  Westerville North HS
Zane Carter Tuttle  |  Big Walnut HS
Presented by Randy Moore
Mitsu Eiji Andrews  |  Westerville North HS
Jacob Matthew Brammer  |  Olentangy HS
Kyle E. Burrey  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Brendan Charles Christy  |  Westerville South HS
Kyle Mathew Church  |  Delaware Hayes HS
John  O  Clark Jr  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Noah Caleb Cline  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Christopher Costanzo  |  Westerville North HS
Luis Angel DeJesus III  |  Olentangy HS
Benjamin Mclane Gaston  |  Olentangy HS
Ali Hyajneh  |  Westerville South HS
Brandon J. Hysell  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Jarrett McCann  |  GOAL Digital
Kylie Jordanna McGowan  |  Westerville Central HS
David A. Mendez  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Chandler Mitchell Pitts  |  Westerville Central HS
Spencer Christian Scott  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Timothy Simpson  |  Big Walnut HS
Andrew Michael Swain  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Drew Vande Water  |  Olentangy Orange HS
Douglas Mitchell Wehrle  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Construction Technology
Presented by Gene Scott
Isaiah Randall Childers  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Zane Charles McManus  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Cody Ryan Miller  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Damian Ernesto Arreola Osornio  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Andrew Penrod  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Evan William Ross  |  Westerville Central HS
Wyatt Neal Shidaker  |  Big Walnut HS
Lera Andrew Sturgell  |  Westerville North HS
Automotive Technology
Presented by Robert Swonger
Dennis Barker  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Michael Alan Carter Jr.  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Abel Adhanom Embaye  |  Westerville North HS
Austin Shane Evans  |  Delaware Christian
Damian Ginn  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Samuel R. Golden  |  Westerville South HS
Kyle Edward Hoffman  |  Olentangy HS
Benjamin Daniel Lorenz  |  Westerville Central HS
Chase M. Lowder  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Brandon Lee Lutz  |  Westerville North HS
Emerson Snyder  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Maximillian Saltsman  |  Westerville Central HS
Skyler  Shane  Smith  |  Olentangy HS
Food Service
Presented by Nicole Vance
Shane Robert Babb  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Kevin Gregory Barnette  |  Olentangy HS
Joshua A. Bobo  |  Olentangy HS
Matthew Lee Dishmon  |  Big Walnut HS
Liam Thomas Maloney  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Logan Nicole Rider  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Zachary Jordan Tavenner  |  Westerville South HS
James Throckmorton  |  Big Walnut HS
Luke Xavier Werbovetz  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Ryan Edward Willis  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Power Line Technician
Presented by Tonja Vedrinski
Glenn V. Acheson  |  Westerville South HS
Salvador Alfaro Castaneda  |  Westerville Central HS
John A. Lane Jr.  |  Westerville Central HS
Weston Gauge Mullins  |  Big Walnut HS
Andrew Brian Settles  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Logan Bronson Wolfe  |  Westerville North HS
Dental Assisting
Presented by Kamaljit Vilkhu
Gabriel Alexander Acosta  |  Olentangy HS
Alexis Lynn Ausnehmer  |  Olentangy Liberty HS
Ashley Elizabeth Baurichter  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Kaitlyn Bertrand  |  Westerville South HS
Kaitlyn Bryan  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Caylee Caldwell  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Jenna Mary Colpean  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Aidan Elise Garling  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Chyna Dane' Holland  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Fartun Bile Iman  |  Westerville North HS
Hawa Kabia  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Skylynn Mobley  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Lisbeth Guadalupe Pacheco Zarazua  |  Westerville South HS
Trevon A. Ray  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Law Enforcement
Presented by Mark Warner
Cole Michael Amato  |  Big Walnut HS
Danielle Lynn Barlow  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Evan Michael Bright  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Alexandria Michelle Craig  |  Delaware Hayes HS
Vincent Z. De Pascale  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Ahmad Elossah  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Jacob Lee Hash  |  Worthington Kilbourne HS
Adriana Illescas-Sanchez  |  Thomas Worthington HS
Ashley Leon  |  Buckeye Valley HS
Rodney Andrew Mickley  |  Big Walnut HS
Evan Benjamin Wessels  |  Westerville Central HS