Facilities Project FAQ

At the December 18th, 2014 Delaware Area Career Center Board of Education meeting, the Board voted to move all of the DACC educational programs to what is currently the south campus on Route 23. The official board minutes state, "The Board determines that it is in the best interest of the Delaware Area Career Center to consolidate the educational programs offered currently at the north and south campus locations and that it is in the best interest of the DACC and its staff and students to locate all of the high school and adult education programs on the south campus site."

This is good news for DACC, partner schools, & the community.
The building consolidation project absolutely will save taxpayer money through the reduction of duplicated services, transportation, utility, and maintenance costs. This will also allow all students to have access to more services such as the media center and a wider range of courses and subjects.

DACC will consolidate at south campus.
This decision was based on a year-long study that included meetings with focus groups, facility studies, and input from associate districts. Benefits to moving to the south campus include:

  • The location is visible and easily accessible to the   community, an attribute that external focus groups determined was essential.
  • The land provides more options for expansion.
  • For each district, travelling to south campus either   cut down on travel time or made little-to-no negative impact on travel time compared to travelling to north campus.
  • South campus is near the center of Delaware County.

No programs will close due to the consolidation.
There are no plans to eliminate programs due to the consolidation. In fact, this will allow us to enhance the
education our students receive.

The north campus will be well-maintained.
The Board of Education has not yet determined what action will be taken with the north campus. However, DACC will keep it maintained so that it does not
become an eyesore.

No new taxes will be requested for this project.
A preliminary estimate sets the project cost around $35 million. If we didn’t do this, it would cost the district $23 million in needed upgrades to the two 40 year old buildings. Taxpayers will not be asked for additional taxes - we have positioned ourselves to pay for this project.

The renewal levy in November is not related to the building project.
No new or additional levy is required. In 2001, we went on the ballot with a 5-year 1.7 mil levy that included both operating and permanent
improvement funds. That levy was renewed in 2005 with the promise that we would not be back on the ballot for 10 years. We have kept that promise and in November of 2015, we will be asking the voters to renew that same 1.7 mil levy for operating and permanent improvement funds. We will be renewing our promise to not return to the ballot for another 10 years. The district planned to renew the 10 year levy regardless of the building consolidation.

Local school districts will save money.
Not only will students spend less time on the bus, local school districts will save upwards of $50,000 per year per school district on transportation costs.

Proposed completion date - Fall of 2018.
Current estimations point to having a completed facility for the 2018/2019 school year.