DACC's Funding Situation

May 17, 2017 - 2:10pm -- admin


What is the background of the current situation?

In 2015, voters had the opportunity to approve a renewal levy that allows DACC to maintain operations, purchase needed equipment and supplies, and build a consolidated campus. Despite passing by 61 percent, the levy has not been validated.  

Why didn’t the levy get implemented?

Due to a mistake at the Delaware County Board of Elections and through no fault of DACC, the levy did not appear on the ballots of the four counties outside Delaware County that we also serve – Franklin, Marion, Morrow, and Union counties. This means that the approximately 1,000 households eligible to vote on our levy in those counties never had the opportunity to do so (although the levy would have passed even if those households voted no.) It was determined by Ohio Tax Commissioner Joe Testa that the levy would not be implemented because voting on the levy in those four counties did not occur.

Is DACC currently being funded through renewal levy dollars?

Not at this time. While funding to DACC from the newly passed renewal levy should have begun in January 2017, levy collections have been halted due to this error, and we are currently operating at less than full funding.

Why do I still see DACC on my escrow bill?

DACC collects on a continuing levy that, on it’s own, is not enough to sustain the district. January 2017 was the first real estate tax bill in 15 years that did not include the additional renewal levy. 

Will you have to return to voters to ask for funding?

On June 28th of 2017, Governor Kasich signed House Sub Bill 124, which will allow DACC to return to only the four districts outside of Delaware County that did not have the opportunity to vote on the 2015 renewal levy.

What does this mean for students and parents in the short and long term? 

In the short term, it means business as usual. Our responsibility and obligation to the students we serve across our five-county district remains firm and ongoing. We are working each day to ensure our educational programs are not disrupted by this situation. In the long term, it means the campus consolidation project will be delayed until future funds are available. 

What is the status of the campus consolidation?

Due to the unpredictability of the situation, we have suspended construction activity on our consolidated campus at this time. Even though progress has been delayed, we have every intention to continue with the project. However, we cannot resume construction until funds are again available. 

How is DACC functioning without the funding? Have any adjustments been made?

As this loss of funding was significant, our leadership is evaluating options for continuing to manage costs, while maintaining the same quality programming for our students. To help address the loss, we have made non-instructional cuts where possible and placed our consolidated campus construction on hold. However, as the levy represents a third of our operating revenue, it is not possible to make up the missing funds through cost cuts alone. 


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