RFP for Owner's Representative

March 3, 2016

The Delaware Area Career Center Board of Education (the Board) requests proposals for an Owner’s Representative for its South Campus Consolidation of Facilities Project. This project requires additions / renovations to the existing south building, new construction, and coordination / management of the relocation of equipment from the north campus labs to the south campus. The total project budget estimate is $45M.  This project is not part of an OSFC program. The Board has selected SHP Leading Design as the project design professional and Elford, Inc. as the Construction Manager at Risk.

Interested person should contact Jack Higgins, Director of Operations at 740.201.3217 or higginsj@delawareareacc.org to request the detailed version of the Request for Qualifications for Owner’s Representative.

Interested persons must submit one (1) paper copy and one (1) digital copy of the requested qualifications, the individual’s experience, a statement of interest in the project, and proposed cost for services to Jack Higgins no later than 12:00pm, March 29, 2016. 

End of RFP Notice