Academics at DACC

July 29, 2016 - 2:29pm -- admin

When a student chooses to attend DACC, they spend half of their day in lab and half of their day fulfilling their academic requirements. Those academic classes can be taken at DACC or at their home school.

Advantages of taking DACC academic classes:
  • Get the opportunity to earn college credits and save money on future tuition.
  • Your teachers understand your individual career goals and how those goals affect your learning style.
  • Spend less time travelling between schools.
  • Your academic and lab teachers work together to ensure that you are succeeding in all educational areas at DACC.
  • Participate in the hybrid program and get the opportunity to stay home for part of your Friday.
  • Be part of a group of students who are focused, motivated, and excited to apply their education to their professional goals. 
Blended Learning
The beginning of the school year is an exciting time, but it can also be a tough transition. In an average traditional classroom, over 75% of our students’ days are spent sitting in hard-backed desk chairs, focused on a teacher. This can be a lot to ask of today’s students, which is why DACC is incorporating Flip Learning into our educational toolbox at DACC’s south campus.
Assignments are flipped.
Lectures and reading material are assigned as homework and the problem-solving work that students normally do at home is now done in the classroom with teacher supervision and collaboration among classmates.
Increased one-on-one time with instructors.
In this Blended Learning environment, students are given the freedom to move at their own pace by independently mastering a skill before moving on. 
This model is successful because the teacher has the ability to personally work with each student instead of spending class time delivering lectures.
Comfortable learning environment.
The traditional desks arranged in rows have been replaced with booths, high-top tables, and padded benches in what looks like a coffee shop setting. Students are encouraged to move around and collaborate using mobile & ergonomically correct furniture. Chrome books are also available for student use so that they can connect to large screens and work together on class projects.
“Discipline issues actually decrease in this environment where students have more freedom. We encourage them to take ownership of their education and utilize the technology they have at their disposal.”
- Kris Lucas
South Campus Building Director